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Black Garlic Extract with Natural Polyphenols
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Product: Views:232Black Garlic Extract with Natural Polyphenols 
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Last updated: 2017-11-09 12:49
Product Name Active Ingredient Specification Test Method
Aged Black Garlic Polyphenols Whole Bulb , Peeled Whole Clove, Paste  UV
  Polyphenols Liquid Extract Brix (16° , 32° , 60°)  UV
  Polyphenols Powder Extract 3% , 10:1 UV
Black Garlic 

Black garlic is a pure natural health food adopting international leading special biological fermentation, screening high quality garlic carefully, fermenting spontaneously after 60-90 days, soft and slippery, sweet and sour taste, black-jelly shape. In garlic fermentation process, the protein breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates, especially allicin breaks into the odorless, low irritating and deoxidizing alliin, so the garlic become black one. Black garlic changs the taste of garlic, maintains and enhances the edible and medicinal value, makes people absorb the nutrition more easily while eating, eliminates the spicy excitant odor, becomes a kind of pure natural green health food without any addition agent, which is rich of nutrition and delicious.


Black Garlic and Raw Garlic Chart-SOD content

Value analysis (Xanthine Oxidase), SOD activity characteristics

Division  Fermented Black Garlic  Odorless Garlic (A)  Bamboo salted Garlic(B)  Dried Garlic(C) Raw Garlic (D) 
Sulfur-Oxidizing (%)  1.5 0.25 0.22 0.21 0.15
Ployphenol (%)  3.25 0.21 0.3 1.15 0.17
Valuation of Japan's scientific community about Black garlic
Yokohama Soei Junior College-Professor Norioka Takako

Black garlic is special effects of food for preventing cancer, cleansing the blood, strengthening the viscera; black garlic is the most suitable food for people who take down with fatigue, cold feeling disorder, hyperlipaemia; black garlic can clear blood, at the same time, can prevent arteriosclerosis and keep vessels running smoothly, remove the symptoms of tiredness, cold feeling disease, shoulder and waist pain. Also, black garlic can improve spots, wrinkles, skin-dry and white hair since of powerful antioxidant ability.

The agricultural industrial technology in the specific research organization (Exclusive)
Black garlic's SOD activity is 8.7 times of garlic, the content of polyphenol (Plant pigment composition caused by photosynthesis) as antioxidants in black garlic is 10 times of garlic.

The experimental result picture about black garlic according Japanese medical workers

State of blood before eating (picture above) and 15min after eating (picture below) 4 clove of black garlic.Blood fluency is 5% before eating, but 90% after eating. Red blood cells are in a sticky state, and white blood cells are no energy before eating black garlic (picture above). The blood can cause cerebral thrombus, high blood pressure, blood flow, high blood fat and other diseases. Red blood cells become soft and rich flexibility, white blood cells also has the vigor, and the blood becomes fluent after eating black garlic a week.

The special composition (S-allyl base homocysteine) in black garlic adjusts blood circulation powerfully. S-allyl base homocysteine is formed by Allicin (The unique and excitant component of garlic) fermentation. S-allyl base homocysteine can prevent the combinatiopn of reactive oxygen species and harmful cholesterol, restrain the occurrence of arterial sclerosis.